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Inbox-Zero is a personal organisation method to optimize the time and energy spent on emails, the average time to reply, the reliability.   Self organisation is the key to be considered reliable by coworkers and partners, and build trust relationships.   It is necessary to

It’s not a secret anymore   Amazon is killing everyone in retail, reaching 50% of e-commerce market share in the US, and it’s arriving very fast in Europe. A third of UK e-commerce transactions is made on Amazon, and two third of Germany’s e-commerce transactions

Stockly loves IDs   At Stockly, we are building the first mutualized inventory network. In other words, we connect retailers with a global inventory so that they are never out-of-stock. But connecting retailers and sending them stocks we can provide means two things: Stockly understands

With the cold email open rate being lower than that of a subscribed email list,  it’s understandable that some companies aren’t excited about giving it a try.    In order to make cold emails convert  there are a couple things we need to re-think about

At Stockly, we started scraping e-commerce websites to evaluate the stock-outs of retailers. This was at the very beginning and it allowed us to understand our market and also the need for what we wanted to build. Scrapers, how ?   We want to create

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