Outsmarting Out-of-stocks Together

We connect e-commerce websites with a global inventory so that they never run out-of-stock.

How disappointing is it when you find the perfect item online but your size is out of stock?

E-retailers that form a part of the Stockly network have solved this issue. They share their inventories with each other, so if you are searching on a Stockly partnered e-retailer, you are sure to find what you are looking for. And if not, you will know for certain that your desired product is not available online.

Before Stockly

“Blue jeans” size M purchase situation

Size M is out of stock.

Customer can’t get the product. The end.

After Stockly

Same situation with Stockly

Stockly fills the gap without the customer even noticing.

Product shipped. Satisfied customer.

As a retailer, you can sell your inventory through Stockly, use the power of the network to fill your own out-of-stocks, or do both!

Join the network

Axelle Reig

“Stockly makes sure our customers have access to the products they want to buy. It increased significantly our sales volume.”


Axelle Reig – Marketplace Director, Galeries Lafayette


As a Supplier on our network

Additional revenue: increased sales at zero marketing cost and no technical effort.

As a Demander on our network

Avoid losing customers: increased product availability and conversion. Higher customer loyalty.