About us

💡 Outsmarting out-of-stock with the power of the network.

Stockly enables e-commerce websites to keep selling when out-of-stock, making the article shipped by another authorised merchant of the distribution network, that still has the product in stock.

At our core, we are a technology company aiming at reducing out-of-stocks online, increasing customer’s access to products, and increasing sales for both brands and authorised retailers.

We are a tech company, not a retailer. We enable e-commerce websites and marketplaces to keep selling when they are out-of-stock, making the product shipped by another authorised retailer of the distribution network. In that way both the brand and the multi-brand e-retailer avoid losing consumers to competition, increasing sales at the same time.

Our technology was built to enable the best customer experience, allowing both retailers and brands to provide their customers with the products they want to buy, with the best quality of service. The very high satisfaction rate on Stockly transactions shows that we are dedicated to this mission.

We are fully aware that brand image, product segmentation and fighting grey market are top concerns for brands in selective distribution networks. That is why we do not allow our partnered websites and marketplaces to source products they are not already selling on their website. We also make sure that we only source products from retailers which are authorised by the brands.

If you are representing a brand and you’d like to know more about us, or if you have any question about our inventory-pooling network and our partnered retailers, please contact us at hello@stockly.ai. We commit to provide a reply to all inquiries within 1 working day.

👮 We comply with the European selective distribution policies

  • We only backfill products that are already distributed by our clients, respecting therefore the product segmentation.
  • We select our partners cautiously, checking that they are authentic and official, ensuring the integrity of the brand’s distribution network.
  • Stockly doesn’t own any inventory.
  • We keep track of all SLAs (time to ship, time to delivery, …) and make regular test orders to ensure the operational quality of our supply.

❤️ We impact brands positively

  • Consumers have way better access to products thanks to Stockly.
  • Brands increase sell-out with nothing else than the existing network.
  • Stockly limits waste and potential overstock sent back to the brand at the end of the season.
  • Stockly limits the risk of having overstock sold at broken prices online at the end of the season.
  • Finally, Stockly increases the satisfaction of the brands’ valued partners, the distributors, minimising their risk and maximising their profit.

📢 Our CEO’s pitch at Techstars Paris